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Retrieval 2016
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Retrieval Conference 2016
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Retrieval 2016 - Day 1
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Keynote - Simulation in Prehospital Care
Service Development - Developing a retrieval service for Wales
Service Development - Developing the Scottish national cardiac arrest strategy
Service Development - Challenging aspects of retrieval service development – The adult retrieval Victoria experience
Keynote – Retrieval medicine in South Africa
Neonatal & Paediatric Retrieval - Neonatal airway management outside the NNU
Neonatal & Paediatric Retrieval - Paediatric drowning & post-ROSC management
Neonatal & Paediatric Retrieval - Post-FEAST: Paediatric fluid resuscitation
Neonatal & Paediatric Retrieval - Prehospital Neonatal retrieval
Interactive Retrieval Simulation - Embrace, specialist transport for critically ill infants & children
Interactive Retrieval Simulation - Emergency Medical Retrieval Service
Retrieval 2016 - Day 2
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Keynote – Inspiration is not what you are looking for
Search & Rescue Medicine - The interface between medicine and SAR – the UK perspective
Search & Rescue Medicine - Challenges in education and training for emergency medicine in Alpine rescue – from the Alps to the Himalaya
Free Papers
Debate - Case For – Critical care practitioners will replace doctors in PHARM
Debate - Case Against – Critical care practitioners will replace doctors in PHARM
Innovation - WILDCAT – Improving cardiac arrest survival in rural Scotland
Innovation - Improving RSI quality with on scene filming
Innovation - Helipad to iPad – Developing the optimal retrieval electronic record
SP99 Memorial Lecture
Retrieval 2016 - General Feedback