Diploma in retrieval and transfer medicine


Consultants and Retrieval practitioners from the emergency medical retrieval service played a lead role in the conception and development of the Royal College of Surgeons' Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine.

The examination for the Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine is designed to test the skills, knowledge, attitudes and experience of critical care practitioners in caring for seriously ill or injured patients who require resuscitation, stabilisation and safe transfer to definitive care.

The examination focuses mainly on the retrieval of patients from one health care facility to another. Candidates will be expected to be competent in the assessment, management, triage and transfer of adult patients with a range of illnesses and injuries. A knowledge and understanding of retrieval co-ordination and a variety of land and air transport platforms will also be expected. An extensive syllabus covers all domains of this examination against which individual examination diets are blueprinted, ensuring that the whole breadth of the subject matter is represented in the diploma.


You can find more information and apply on The Royal College of Surgeons' Website.