Research & Audit

EMRS is committed to ongoing research and audit around all aspects prehospital and retrieval medicine. Research and audit has been a core part since the start of the voluntary pilot scheme in 2004 and has expanded as the service has grown. There is an active research portfolio covering topics including advanced airway management, long term outcomes following critical illness in rural areas and modelling of national retrieval service activity. In collaboration with the University of Glasgow, the service is now supporting an ongoing programme leading to an MD in retrieval research.

Trainees working with the service undertake a research project as part of their secondment to EMRS and it is expected that this project will lead to appropriate presentations and publications, as well as informing service change. The retrieval practitioners are also actively informed in research projects along with medical students undertaking elective studies. Over the past 10 years, EMRS has published over 30 articles related to prehospital and retrieval medicine as well as presenting this work across the globe.

As part of our clinical governance, EMRS undertakes internal audits of our service against external standards. We have recently completed audits against AAGBI 2006 Brain Injury guidelines and ICS Guidelines for the Transport of the Critically Ill Adult (3rd edition 2011).

EMRS is now part of the EUPHOREA group, collaborating with partner aeromedical organisations around Europe and beyond in research projects. We also are part of an international benchmarking project comparing aeromedical standards of service around the world.

selection of recent PUBLICATIONS

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