Preparation Guide


After EMRS has been activated there are several things that referring hospital staff can do to enhance turn around time for the patient.
If it is specific clinical information that is required please follow this link to the EMRS Standard Operating Procedures.

Before the team arrives, please try to ensure the following are in place:


  • EMRS Propaq charger ready for use
  • Three silver trolleys for setting up equipment

Patient Interventions

  • Intravenous access x 2
  • Urinary catheter if appropriate
  • Patient lying on sheet to aid transfer onto vacuum mattress


  • Blood glucose Temperature
  • Chest x-ray if available


  • Notes photocopied including blood results
  • ECG and CT reports if available
  • Hard copies of scans and x-rays if not on PACS Information leaflet about retrieval service for relatives should be available locally or from the EMRS team on arrival

For ventilated patients

  • Naso/ orogastric tube with drainage bag not spigotted Urinary catheter
  • Morphine 10mg (1mg/ml) in ten ml syringe
  • Recent blood gas if available
  • CXR post intubation
  • Maintain normothermia – 2 cellular blankets over patient and cover head