The Emergency Medical Retrieval Service led the way in integrating mobile technology with Prehospital & Retrieval Medicine.

The EMRS App runs on iPhones & iPads and allows access to a wealth of clinical resources.
It is developed in-house by Dr Dave McKean, with the invaluable assistance of Dr Mark Dunn & Dr Paul Campbell. The App started off as a basic repository and viewer for our Standard Operating Procedures but with feedback from clinicians functionality has greatly expanded in recent years.

It now includes a vast array of features that not only make it easier for our clinicians to do their job but also to improve the quality and consistency of care we provide to our patients. Currently our Apps contain the following features

  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • Location Information & Triage Tool
  • Major Incident System & Push Notification Service
  • Contacts, Rota, Important dates
  • Drug Calculators
  • Paediatric Resuscitation, Drug, Infusion Calculator
  • Mission Time Recorder 

EMRS iPhone App Screenshots

We recently incorporated the App into our Major Incident Plan. It allows us to activate a Major Incident response from within the App, instantly sending SMS and Push Notification messages to all of our team members.

We have received a number of awards for our efforts including;

  • The BUPA Foundation Award 2011 - 'Technology for Healthy Outcomes' 
  • NHS Scotland eHealth Award 2012 - 'Best Use of Mobile Technology in NHS Scotland'
  • E-Health Insider Awards 2012 EMRS - 'Best Use of Mobile Technology in Healthcare' - Read More

Recognised by our peers as an invaluable resource our App has been the inspiration for Apps in other retrieval services around the world including The Scottish Paediatric Retrieval Service, MedSTAR in Adelaide & EMRTS Cymru in Wales.